Welcome to my site!

I would like to apologize for any technical problems with the site at the moment. It is under construction now and only very few element descriptions are available in Russian. The English version is more developed. I would appreciate any suggestions about design, function and content of the site.

This project is mostly devoted to Chemistry, somewhat to Physics and a small bit to Economics. To the best of my knowledge it is the very first collection of chemical elements available on the Russian Internet. I also don't know anyone who shares this hobby in Russia, but there are many in Europe and America (mostly interested in minerals and collecting metals as an aside).

My aim is to show the elements and give information about them. It is also very important for me to provide the site with interesting photos. As you can see, gases were sealed in ampoules, with a high-frequency discharge so luminescence could be generated; active metals were obtained with clean, non-oxidized surfaces (it's not possible for all the elements). I'm fond of crystalline samples and metal mono-crystals as well.

In the final Russian version I want to have descriptions of all the elements and short articles about the trans-uranium elements. Only in the English version are there comments made on the pictures. Hyperlinks such as "History", "Properties", "Applications" and "Experiments" are also planned, but it will take a rather long time to complete them. Videos of different chemical reactions would make the descriptions more interesting but it's not worth doing before more response from visitors. Any help is kindly appreciated.

Since my collection is not complete I would be happy to find (exchange or buy) interesting and good-looking samples missing at the moment.